KickSmoking is an app that helps motivate you to quit smoking for good

Screenshot of the phone milestone screen

Health milestones that matter to you

We all know quitting smoking gives you a tonne of health benefits, but it can be hard to know when to expect what.

KickSmoking solves this by presenting an easy to understand list of health benefits that you’ll unlock simply by being smokefree.

You even have the option to receive a notification whenever you unlock a milestone.

All of the information at your fingertips

For all the data monkeys out there, there's a dashboard full of statistics about your mission to quit smoking.

See how long you've been smoke freee, much money you've saved, how many cigarettes you've avoided among others.

Screenshot of the phone goal screen
Screenshot of the phone milestone screen

Cigarettes contain radiation and other nasty stuff

KickSmoking not only tracks normal statistics like the number of cigarettes saved but also the amount of radiation avoided, and tar that you haven't consumed.

Keep track of how much radiation avoided and how that stacks up to real-world examples.

Set goals and keep tabs on them in real-time

Cigarettes suck up a lot of cash - cash which can be spent on things you actually want.

KickSmoking not only tracks how much money you save, but also lets you know how close you are to saving up enough money for that new phone.

Screenshot of the phone goal screen
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